Our History

New York All Stars was founded by Katy & Jason Cocovinis, who each have extensive backgrounds in performing arts education. Katy is a master cheerleading coach, having trained and competed competitively with world-renowned and nationally ranked cheer programs while growing up in Texas and coaching in her own program as a college student. She has coached competitively at schools and at the college level. Katy pursued educational theatre training at the undergraduate and graduate levels and her unique experience as a theatrical performer, director and producer combined with an extensive work history in children’s enrichment programming, have provided a well-rounded background in commercial education. As an entrepreneur, Katy is dedicated to finding the most efficient and effective ways to reach as many people with fitness and arts education as possible. She has plans to pursue writing, speaking and coaching other business owners and educators.

 Jason is the Director of Marketing at Music Theatre International – the world’s largest theatrical licensing organization, providing the performance rights for almost every major Broadway musical to professional theatres, community theatres and educational programs. He has the unique opportunity to work hands on with the industry’s best professionals in theatre, entertainment and educational programming. He serves as an integral part of New York All Stars administrative team and will co-direct the P.O.P.S. program this season.

 Our instructors are trained in our curriculum which aims to promote leadership, teamwork and wellness in each lesson. It is our goal is to give kids the opportunity to discover and hone their passion in a developmentally appropriate, educational atmosphere. We are very committed to developing student leaders and facilitating mentorship between students.​

Our Mission

​New York All Stars aims to promote social, emotional, physical and cognitive development by offering a variety of enriching  programs that will enhance student learning and potential for success. Our three areas of focus are:

  •  Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Wellness​

We are seeking highly dedicated student leaders and their parents who are willing to commit to a team for the school year and enjoy the benefits of these essential skills for college and career readiness.

Our Future

Back and better than before! Our motto is one rooted in our commitment to helping our community establish a growth mindset. Each season we attempt new events and aim to improve our offerings. Over the next five years, we hope to expand our Saturday Fitness and Performing Arts Academy to multiple locations throughout New York. Additionally, we aim to help schools establish their own programs through our School Partnership program which trains school employees and sponsors in how to develop, fund and maintain their own spirit and performance programs. C.E.O. Katy Cocovinis consults directly with schools to help them bring new opportunities to their campuses.